Chemo shopping

There can be few things more depressing than anticipating the start of chemotherapy.

Apart from shopping to prepare for chemotherapy, which adds insult to injury by forcing you to spend your own money on things you wished you never had to buy: godawful hats to cover baldness, sweets-to-suck-when-sick, and medicinal toothpaste for sore gums.

However I have found this list by the wonderful Liz O’Riordan – a breast surgeon who also had breast cancer herself – helpful in preparing for every eventuality. Her blog is much more informative than mine (which currently is mainly “I can’t believe I’m doing this shit again”), and highly recommended for anyone going through breast cancer treatment.



3 thoughts on “Chemo shopping

  1. Don’t forget a good box set of some shitty but funny American sitcom! Ah! If you can muster the energy to read I strongly recommend a book called Velo which is full of cycling anecdotes! Very good according to my cycling addict husband! ❤️


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