Hair today…

I spoke too soon. My hair has started falling out. There are strands on my pillow in the morning when I wake up, when I brush it (gingerly) and wash it (gently).

Also when the frigging cat decides to sit on my head and objects (clawingly) when I try to remove her.

Serves me right for being so sodding smug.

Oh, and round two of chemo starts tomorrow. Which I’m really looking forward to obviously…



Note the new purchase of stupidly-expensive silk headband to cover bald spot on top of head.

Nope, it ain’t fooling anyone.

But also note the lack of pimples, which have – thank the Lord – almost disappeared. Although,as my oncologist cheerfully told me today, they’ll “probably re-emerge during the next cycle”. Like some kind of alien skin takeover presumably.

Still – you win some, you lose some.


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