Changing fortunes



This certificate arrived in the post yesterday – a stark reminder of how far I’ve fallen over the past 12 months. This time last year I was preparing to compete at the Track World Championships in Italy. Today, in my post-chemo haze, it has taken me two hours to have a shower and get dressed. I am shattered.

Shattered, but not yet broken. Whilst I’ve had to shelve some of the sporting ambitions I’d set for myself this year (learning to run and competing in a triathlon following a successful initial try-out with British Para Triathlon), I’ve set myself new ones. They are small steps, tiny targets and would have seemed pathetic just a couple of months ago: get outside every day, even if it’s just to limp to the end of the road; do half an hour on the bike indoors on ‘good days’; keep going to my weekly Pilates and Physio appointment whenever possible.

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My power numbers on the bike are paltry, I can barely lift half the weight I managed before on the leg press, and my arms start to shake after a few minutes at Pilates. It’s a humbling experience – to accept the loss of physical strength, and keep going anyway.

But when you’re at your lowest ebb, there are always people there to scoop you back up. And this week I have to thank my brilliant physiotherapist Elise and personal trainer Alex at Lear Fitness Harrogate for encouraging and supporting me – even when yesterday’s session was carried out with a sick bucket in reach – just in case.




4 thoughts on “Changing fortunes

  1. Lovely Sally. Today rather than tell you how wonderfully strong you are I will share with you (hopefully in solidarity) how wonderfully strong I am!
    This week I survived 1. My baby girl (18 in 4 weeks) travelling alone all the way to Sweden to surprise her boyfriend.
    2. Foster son telling to f**k god knows how many times because I did not let him have the whole of the brownie tray!
    And 3. My baby girl passing her driving test after several attempts 😳😳
    All in all we are, as Zack used to say, we are bulletproof!!
    Lots of love ❤️


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