Surgery done

Good morning! I thought you might all enjoy this sexy stocking shot over breakfast. I took my inspiration from Sam and Dave’s ‘anniversary snuggles’ pic from a few weeks ago. You’ll notice that the advantage of having only one leg is that there’s plenty of room on the hospital plastic sheeting for all your crap. 

Anyway, I have recovered from all-night vomiting (thanks general anaesthetic), have a bruised and numb replacement boob and am only slightly delirious. Things are going well. 

I will be doing my utmost to escape from here today. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages yesterday – much appreciated xxx


11 thoughts on “Surgery done

  1. Never mind a zip line you deserve a cherry picker … sort of thinking Pretty Woman style balcony escape . Glad that bit’s over Sally. Now tell your body you’ve had enough puking..


  2. Pleased everything went well..apart from the all-night vomiting. A better plan would be sleep, snack, sleep for a day! I wouldn’t complain too much about the numbness because when that wears off……Great that you’re in such high spirits (delerium) keep smiling.

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  3. Behave with the stocking already. At least wait until you’re out of the hospital before trying you’re womanly whiles. You’ll distract the doctors!

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  4. I am humming The Great Escape tune as I eat granola – not a great sight but it sort of fits with your upbeat, go kick ass (careful with the balance) mood. Bless you – so in awe of your courage, fortitude and beauty. Many hugs and best wishesxxxx

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