Some good news at last


This picture shows my nine-year-old daughter jumping for joy over waves at the beach last week. And it’s kind of how I’m feeling today.

Today’s MRI scan results show my main tumour is finally shrinking. The radius has gone from 11.5mm to 8mm, meaning the volume (V = ⁴⁄₃πr³) has shrunk from 6368mm to 2143mm – a much more impressive reduction of around two-thirds. (No, I didn’t understand the calculation when the oncologist explained it to me either, but my chemistry teacher husband did!)

The shrinkage now won’t necessarily have any impact on the course the disease takes in future, but it’s a massive psychological boost. Compared to the results of my last scan, when the chemotherapy showed no impact on the tumour at all, I will be going into tomorrow’s fifth chemo session feeling much more positive.

I’m taking today’s news at face value: the chemo is nasty but right now it’s working.

And I’ll take that, write it down, and be thankful.


17 thoughts on “Some good news at last

  1. Fantastic news, good luck with last session today and here’s to many more “jumping for joy over waves” experiences. Please know that us strangers out here are rooting for you, sending prayers, hope, courage, faith and love your way. xxxx


  2. I read your blog with absolute admiration at your strength and courage !! Know that strangers are wishing you all the good luck that things will get better x


  3. Penultimate chemo tomorrow? Wowsers. So pleased for you, this is really uplifting news for you. Go forth and continue to smash cancer in the face x


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